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Proxy FAQ

Nov 7 2016

Do I get to vote?

If you were a shareholder of record on October 24, 2016, you are entitled to vote.

 How do I vote?

You should have received proxy cards from your brokerage firm or from Corporate Stock Transfer.  Each proxy card has a unique control number that will allow you to vote online.  If you received your control number from your brokerage firm, you will vote on  If you received your control number from Corporate Stock, you will vote at:

 What if I didn’t receive my proxy card?

Contact your brokerage firm and ask them for the Corporate Actions Dept.  Tell them you are expecting a Proxy vote for Integral Technologies, and can they provide you with the control number for each of your accounts. You will then be able to vote your shares at

 Why did I receive multiple control numbers?

You will receive control numbers for each account you own shares in.  You will also receive a control number for each certificate physically held.

 Do I need to vote every control number?

 Yes, every control number needs to be voted.

 Can I vote early?

 Yes, early voting is encouraged.

 If I attend the meeting can I still vote early?

 Yes, everyone is encouraged to vote early.

 What is the difference between authorized shares and outstanding shares?

 Authorized shares are the maximum number of shares that a corporation is legally permitted to issue, as specified in its articles of incorporation. Outstanding shares are the shares of a corporation that have been issued and purchased by investors.

 Are we voting on preferred shares too?

 No, this proxy vote is not related to the preferred shares. The number of authorized preferred shares remain the same. There are currently no issued preferred shares.

I still have questions.

 Please contact Scott McArthur - 360.966.6603 or Eric Daboling - 360.835.7992 or email to

Integral Shareholder Meeting/Open House

Nov 5 2016
Dear Shareholders,
We cordially invite you to our Shareholders' Meeting and Open House, which will take place on:
Saturday, November 12, 2016
10:00 a.m. Central Time (doors open at 9:30 a.m.)
Integral Technologies
2605 Eastside Park Road,
Evansville, IN 47715
We will conduct a shareholders meeting in regards to the Proxy Statement filed on 10.25.2016.  The complete version of the Proxy Statement may be found at .
The meeting will be followed by an Open House, which will include:
-       Plant tour
-       Product samples
-       Application displays
-       Question and answer
-       Meet members of the Integral/ElectriPlast team
 If you are planning to attend please contact us at or by phone at 812.550.1770.  If you require lodging recommendations, feel free to contact us as well.  We look forward to welcoming you at our Shareholders' Meeting.
Doug Bathauer, CEO
James Eagan, Chairman of the Board

Germany Votes to Ban Production of Gas Powered Engines

Oct 12 2016
Click screen to view video.

Conductive Plastics 2016

Sep 28 2016
Conductive Plastics 2016
CEO Doug Bathauer, presenting the ElectriPlast bi-polar battery plate technology at Conductive Plastics 2016 in Philadelphia. Other speakers during this session, Ned Bryant, Sr. Product Development Engineer for RTP, Rick Cahill, Sr. Technical Manager for Milliken & Co., and Chris Smith, moderator from AMI.  The conference was well attended, approximately 200 representatives from the conductive plastics industry were present.  This was the first conductive plastics conference to be held in North America.

Battery Show Booth 2016

Sep 16 2016

Bob and Mo visited the ABC booth at The Battery Show 2016 this week in Novi, MI.  It is always good to see our friends at ABC.

ABC Booth

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