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Integral Issues 8K Regarding Integral Technologies Asia

Dec 14 2018

 Integral Issues 8K Regarding Integral Technologies Asia 

Today we filed an 8-k, in regards to Integral Technologies Asia, our wholly owned subsidiary in S. Korea. With the signing of the PolyOne license agreement, we no longer have the need for a corporate office in region.   Our licensees, PolyOne Corp and Hanwha Advance Materials, are two of the largest advanced materials companies globally and both have a tremendous presence in Asia. They are more than capable to market, sell and distribute our products in the Asia region. The winding down of our Asia office will result in the removal of over $900,000 of debt from our balance sheet and it will also account for over a $250,000 reduction in annual operating costs.   As outlined in our recent CEO letter, this is part of our corporate strategy to align our operation and infrastructure with our current business model of generating reoccurring licensing revenue.

PolyOne Rolls Out Integrals Licensed LFT Shielding Material Under The Trademark Name of Surround™

Dec 13 2018

Since the signing of the PolyOne license agreement in late February of this year, Integral and PolyOne have been busy rolling out the technology globally.  We continue to see tremendous opportunities in automotive as the electrification of transportation continues.   In particular, Advanced Driver-Assist Systems(ADAS) is a market that we believe has particular promise.  PolyOne sees this as a potentially robust market as well. We shared some of their public comments on the topic such as this press release from earlier this year, “Leading Edge Automotive Technology Relies on Advanced Materials from PolyOne”.   As a reminder, PolyOne licensed the ElectriPlast material for shielding applications only.  They will be selling the material under the trademarked name of Surround™.  We’re beginning to see Surround™ show up in some of their marketing materials, we have included two examples below.   We’re looking forward to sharing more PolyOne progress as the roll out continues.

PolyOne Brochure 1

PolyOne Brochure 2

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Dec 12 2018

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Dec 10 2018

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Dec 3 2018

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