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Looking Back at Our Strategy

Nov 1 2017
For many years we have extolled about the value of the Intellectual Property(IP) we hold.  However, having the greatest ideas in the world are of little or no value if you are unable to implement them.  And of equal little value if no one out there has the desire to implement or see's the value in that IP.

Over the last few years the use of conductive plastics has been, in a word, grudgingly accepted.  Although there are but a handful of companies out there exploring the applications for long fiber shielding/conductivity, they have been largely unsuccessful in finding and understanding the applications that they can monetize.

With Electriplast being incorporated in several automotive applications, these companies have begun to take notice.  Our IP portfolio has lots of applications thanks to the research of our scientists, both now and in the past.  It is now time to fulfill the projections we made many years ago.

We offer this article from the past to highlight where our efforts are being directed now.  Many of you have never seen this article buried in the archives. 

Evolution of Heavy Equipment Electrification

Oct 23 2017
Furthering the discussion of electrification, there is a push to electrify just about everything that runs on fossil fuels.  I wouldn't be surprised in the future someone comes up with an electric powered portable 120/240V generator.(But hey, that's a stretch)

The push to electrify just about everything is reaching across all industries.  One of our shareholders who is traveling abroad recently reported seeing electric powered delivery trucks.  California and China are creating and testing fleets of buses and service vehicles for municipalities.

For short hauls of 1000 miles or less, Cummins and Tesla, among others, are racing to develop equipment for the heavy trucking industry.

But why stop with the biggest vehicles on the road.  There are a number of companies exploring the electrification of the heavy equipment that are used to build homes, industrial complexes and infrastructure for the country.

I personally am looking forward to the development of an SUV that is affordable and high quality that can pull my boat.  For the moment, I can't afford what I am seeing out there.

Plastics Industry Taking Notice of Little ITKG

Oct 16 2017
Sitting in front of the computer, minding my own business, when 'surprise, surprise', I get a Google Alert. I set up these alerts to receive any pertinent news from the Plastics Industry.  Well, I got a chuckle out of it, I hope you do to.  And, for the naysayers, we had nothing to with it!  The industry IS reading our website.

Roger Renstrom hasn't written anything about us in over three years.

Conference Call Replay

Oct 12 2017

Thank you for attending our conference call.  For an audible replay use the link below, and have your speakers turned on.  We should have a written transcript available with 24 hours.

Progress with Electric Powered Aircraft

Oct 9 2017
Recently we discussed the advancements in the electrification of aircraft power systems.  For the short haul traveler, typically under 1000 miles one way, this is a boon for both the traveler and the industry.  Reduced operating costs may be passed on to the public.  But, as with any new technology, it will take time to recover the R&D costs, and the implementation. A reduction in the need for foreign oil benefits everyone.  It should be noted that even with the electric engines used to power these aircraft, there is still the need to keep these batteries charged while in flight. A small turbine engine is used to keep the batteries charged.  In the early stages of the implementation of this technology, a 50% savings in jet fuel is predicted. As the technology metamorphosizes, these savings will surely increase.

Thank you to two of our stockholders for bringing these articles to our attention.  We hope you find this of interest.
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