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PolyOne; Expanding ElectriPlast's Gateway to the World

Apr 12 2018
February 26, 2018

This agreement with PolyOne is a milestone for Integral. This expands ElectriPlast's opportunities on a global scale and to markets that on our own, we may never have been able to penetrate. Integral's recent commercialization success in the automotive industry, its IP portfolio and applications expertise made this relationship a reality. PolyOne currently has the manufacturing capability to produce conductive long fiber technology (LFT) and will be able to scale their production to meet the growing demand from our automotive Tier 1 customers in addition to PolyOne's global customer base.

The license is an exclusive agreement for worldwide marketing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution of Electriplast for shielding, excluding the territory granted to Hanwha.

This agreement does not include our battery technology, which we retain 100% and are working to commercialize.

Having a world class polymer company, with the reputation and global reach of PolyOne, selling our shielding products to the world, truly validates our technology. PolyOne is constantly innovating and as an industry leader, draws significant media attention. When they make advances, and gain recognition using our technology, we share that spotlight.

PolyOne specializes in plastics. Compared with other potential partners, PolyOne is singularly focused on plastics and plastics solutions in the markets that we want to reach. Their revenues in the billions derived from plastics, rival any of their peers

Our Intellectual Property (IP) that we have so painstakingly developed over these many years, our engineering team's know-how to use the IP, and our recent commercial success in automotive makes us an attractive partner. Tremendous opportunity exists in EMI shielding for automotive due to the continuing electrification of transportation and the rapidly development of the autonomous vehicles. With their own solid engineering team, PolyOne is constantly innovating and our technology is a part of their solution. Their current reach is to penetrate:

  • Automotive lightweighting
  • Medical applications
  • Thermally conductive applications
And now, with the addition of ElectriPlast shielding applications we have developed, we offer PolyOne the ability to reach out to their existing customers, and to new markets with our material.

With a global workforce of 6,500 people and 35,000 polymer solutions available to their 10,000 customers, PolyOne is a leader in their field. With an already substantial sales force, in a recent press release PolyOne stated that they increased their global sales force by 20%. With PolyOne's massive production capabilities and facilities, and expertise in logistics to get the material to their customers in North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, they are the right strategic fit for Integral. And they are beginning production facilities in India, one of the fastest growing markets in electric vehicles and a rapidly growing economy. It would have taken Integral many years and an incredible amount of capital to develop an infrastructure needed to attract and service these international customers. The PolyOne partnership "short circuits" that process and enables us to have access to that customer base immediately and without the capital costs.

PolyOne is a fully integrated plastics company with their own Long Fiber Technology(LFT) manufacturing, they perform their own formulating, manufacturing, and quality control. They have advanced testing facilities and conduct their own testing in-house at their campuses. When they develop new ideas, they can execute from development to implementation as it relates to the formulation of new polymers. With the new relationship with Integral, they now have the ability to access our engineers for new applications, which they presently do not have.

PolyOne is a leader in the plastics industry, but their expertise goes beyond just plastics. They assist companies / industries in optimizing the supply chain, and work with industry in meeting new product development demands, and provide manufacturing support. They are making significant inroads into the following areas for use of their advanced plastics:

  • Appliances
  • Building/Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Marine
  • Packaging
  • Sporting Equipment/Hunting
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • Wire/Cable
  • And now shielding plastics and automotive apps with inclusion of ElectriPlast
PolyOne actively participates in Plastic Shows and Conferences worldwide, and we are looking forward to the exposure from these worldwide forums provided by another tool in the PolyOne marketing arsenal.

PolyOne is constantly growing. They have been actively acquiring companies to improve their market position. They recently acquired companies in the areas of color additives and 3D printing, which could have a side benefit to the ElectriPlast technology.

We are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to PolyOne's growth.

What's Next for Integral?

Integral will continue to develop in accordance with our business model:

  • Expand our technology and IP portfolio in conductive plastics area, which are not a part of our PolyOne deal;
  • Enter into strategic partnerships in other areas of our portfolio that enable us to monetize our IP with long-term returns;
  • Explore value-added products/services that enhance our technology, including design and prototyping of new products with PolyOne or their customers.
What's next:
  • Work with PolyOne in preparing for our customers' major product launches this year:
    • North American Tier 1 for European Electric Luxury SUV
    • 2 million vehicle global automotive platform
  • Expand business together by leveraging each company's strengths;
  • More opportunity to monetize outside of the PolyOne relationship; low conductive, highly conductive and battery technologies.

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