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Acid Bath Batteries Still Very Relevant Worldwide

Apr 5 2018
Acid bath batteries are still a mainstay go-to technology on a worldwide basis.  Even in the world of electric vehicles, acid bath batteries, whether lead acid, bipolar, or a derivative utilizing other materials still play a key part in the area of SLI(Starting, Lighting and Ignition).

Cobalt Reserves Still On Worldwide Radar Screens

Apr 3 2018
In furtherance of our examination of issues with the worldwide supplies and reserves of Cobalt, we offer these well written articles.

Removing Lead From All Applications

Apr 2 2018
Over the last 40 years there have been many initiatives to remove lead from all sorts of consumer products.  The biggest consumer product is gasoline, but includes paint, insulation, children's toys, automotive construction and automotive-use components including batteries. 

Batteries are second only to gasoline in the amount of lead that has been used in the past.  When you consider something as innocuous as children's toys, that when broken or grown tired of were simply disposed of in a landfill somewhere.

A battery utilizing ElectriPlast plates is still another innovation that can help reduce the amount of lead contamination in the world. The ElectriPlast plates within the battery are fully recyclable, and that includes almost every component of the battery itself.  And with virtually no lead, they leave a much smaller environmental footprint.

Although recycling of lead-acid batteries is a very strong and efficient effort worldwide, the recycling process itself still exposes lead contamination, although with a much smaller footprint compared with the disposal techniques over the last 70 years.  Many countries were still burying expended batteries as little as 40 years ago.

This is a reprint from Chemical Watch, written by the North American Editor Kelly Franklin.

News from Plasticstar

Mar 29 2018
It is very common for news agencies to pick up news such as the PolyOne and Integral pres release and re-write them, which is the case here.

We are very pleased that they regularly do this.

PolyOne Exec's Visit Detroit for Familiarization on Electriplast Applications

Mar 28 2018
Recently several of the PolyOne Executive team leaders came to our Tech Center in Canton, MI for a multi day meeting/training/strategy session.  There was much discussion and training regarding shielding applications. 

We were very impressed with their level of commitment and how quickly they responded.   There was an excellent chemistry between PolyOne and our engineering team.  These were members from Sales, Marketing and Technology groups all represented.planning more training sessions in the future for more of their domestic and international team leaders of the company.

We are planning training sessions in the future for more of their domestic and international team leaders of the company.

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